Lined Envelopes | Custom Map Watercolor Liner


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Ships in 4-6 Weeks
Minimum Purchase:
50 units

Wow, your guests with a unique envelop liner featuring a custom watercolor made just for you! We will hand paint a custom map with watercolor to highlight your wedding destination. After we gather photos or inspirational images that help convey what you are dreaming up, we hand paint the map with your specified points of interest using watercolors. After we receive your blessing of the custom artwork, it will be scanned and printed on a liner. The result, a beautiful and unique wedding invitation at an affordable price!

  • Envelope: An envelope made from 270 GSM / 100 LBS paper
  • Artwork: A completely custom watercolor map featuring 2-5 points of interest. This one-time payment covers the use of this artwork across all other materials you order from Sterling Stripes. So have it printed again for no additional cost on your wedding envelope liners, welcome cards, welcome bag, signs, etc. You will also receive a digital file for personal use.  
  • Printing: Full-color print, flat matte archival ink.
  • Proofing: This order includes 3 free rounds of revisions. Additional rounds of changes after that will incur a $25 fee billed separately.
We strongly believe in collaboration and work closely with you to create a one of a kind design made just for your special occasion. Before a purchase is made, please put together a Google Map of the area you would like watercolored and mark the locations you would like highlighted. We have created a guide that gives you step by step directions to help you create the perfect map for us to use. If you would like a building, venue, icon, or motif painted for any of the marked locations, please include an image for us to reference. You can add that in the Google map you created, upload them with your order, or email them to us at If you are emailing us the pictures, please include your name and order number. Our guide provides more instructions on how to accomplish that if you are adding them to your google map. Once you have created your google map, please provide the link when you checkout. For more information on how our general design process works, please review our Design Process webpage.

Mounted: When you request assembly, we will glue the liner to the envelope for you. Everything will come in the mail ready to be used and will require no extra work on your part. 

No Assembly: If you don’t request assembly, we will send you the liner and envelope unattached. This option is great for our savvy DIYers who don’t mind rolling up their sleeves to give their envelopes that extra touch at an affordable price. 

  • A2 4.378" x 5.75" (Liner 7.3342" x 5.0959")
  • A6 4.75" x 6.50" (Liner 7.739" x 5.7919")
  • A7 5.25" x 7.25" (Liner 8.8341" x 6.5298")
  • A7.5 5.50" x 7.50" (Liner 8.8341" x 6.5298")
  • A9 5.75" x 8.75" (Liner 9.8904" x 7.8415")
  • A+ 5.75" x 7.75" (Liner 9.3383" x 6.8845")
  • RSVP 3.625 x 5.125" (Liner 6.048" x 4.4714")
  • Square 6.50" x 6.50" (Liner 10.0535" x 5.8381")
  • Square Outer 6.7" x 6.75" (Liner 10.3816" x 5.8381")
  • A7 5.25" x 7.25" (Liner 6.9778" x 6.2069")
  • RSVP 3.625 x 5.125" (Liner 4.7202" x 4.2369")
  • Square 6.50" x 6.50" (Liner 7.375" x 5.5512")
  • Timeline: Custom artwork takes more time to create. To get a better idea of our turnaround time please visit our production and design timeline webpage for more information.
  • Envelope Flap: These envelopes are available with a square or euro flap. An envelope with a euro flap has a distinct, deep, pointed flap as opposed to an envelope with a square flap, which is straight.
  • Envelope Addressing: If you would like us to address your envelopes please select the addressing option on the in the menu above. For guest addressing and name printing, please download our Excel file here. Once it is completed you can upload your spreadsheet directly in te listing, or you can email it to us later. If you plan on submitting your spreadsheet after ordering, please email it to and reference the name and order number. Please note that addressing adds 10 business days from addressing approval. For more information about our addressing please go to the very bottom of Our Design Process webpage.
  • Proudly printed in the USA
  • Add-ons: Wax Seals

Still have questions? See if you can find your answer on our FAQ page or send us an email.